Sarah Ezzideen

Sarah Ezzideen is currently an F45 Coach and is the founder of Alpha Fem Fitness, where she offers online personal training and specialises in fat loss and body recomposition for women. She recently decided to dedicate her full time to changing lives.

With over 10 years of experience, Sarah's goal is to offer evidence-based training for optimal results and a positive impact on individuals, without the use of gimmicks and fad diets. She believes that you can attain results by training smart with proper programming and using various methods to create healthier habits and turn it into a successful lifestyle. Her journey began 16 years ago, and has been training since then, falling in love with the process and seeing positive changes to her confidence and body. Her competitive spirit has also led her to compete in a series of fitness and powerlifting competitions.

Sarah has since then turned her passion into fitness by qualifying as an Exercise Specialist and Group training instructor and is focused on changing other people's lives by living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle.