Marie -Luise Grützner

Marie is a Self Mastery coach and facilitator of conscious gatherings,
dedicated to supporting individuals in their personal transformation and
growth. She completed her Self Mastery coaching training in Munich, Germany,
and also holds certifications as a Yoga Teacher and Breathwork facilitator.
With a passion for guiding others in unlocking their true potential, Marie
combines her diverse training to offer a unique approach to coaching.
In addition to her coaching work, Marie is also an experienced
ceremonialist, holding sacred cacao ceremonies and women's circles. Through
these gatherings, she creates a safe and nurturing space for participants to
connect with themselves and others, and explore their inner wisdom and
Marie's dedication to empowering others and facilitating conscious
experiences has led to numerous success stories from her clients and
participants. Her compassionate and insightful approach helps individuals to
access their innate power and self-worth to create meaningful change in
their lives.