Dale Guthrie

Dale Guthrie, founder of Holism Health, is a dynamic occupational therapist and registered yoga instructor with a passion for neurological rehabilitation, integrative health, applied anatomy and community reintegration. She has committed herself to lifelong learning to maintain professional practice, contributing to a new and unexpected way of achieving the best possible health outcomes for her clients. Dale realizes the need to offer health services that are holistic and integrative in nature, providing persons of all abilities a place to engage in yoga to reap physical, emotional and social benefits. Dale has specialised in adaptive and accessible yoga by industry pioneers, Matthew Stanford and Jivana Heyman. She has furthered her studies in chronic pain, movement and somatic with Los vegas based biomechanist and yoga scientist Jules Mitchell.


Yoga with Strong Alignment Focus
75 Minutes
This class is the epitome of a paradox, a true yin/yang experience. Expect to move through a carefully sequenced flow that energises you physically and mentally to allow for optimal relaxation.
All Level
What to Expect
This is a 70 minute class that finds the perfect balance between movement and stillness and emphasises deep sensory enquiry. The first half of the class comprises of a combination of movements that prepare the mind and body for optimal stillness. Within the second half expect to be set up in numerous restorative, highly supported poses and to always end with a Vipariti Karani variation and a delicious Savasana. You will require lots of props including: bolsters, pillows, blankets, towels, straps, blocks and maybe some other household goods. * please inform Dale before the class if you have an atypical body, limited range of motion in specific joint, pain or injury.
Dale Guthrie
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