Mental Health
Evening Unwind with Yin
Here you’ll find a space to unwind and slow down with a gentle Yin Yoga practice. Yin Yoga is allowing and nourishing practice, and it adds the perfect balance to our active "Yang" lifestyles. We'll move mindfully, stretch, rest and connect to the body.

Somatic Infused Yoga
The more we repeat certain postures or movements, the more deeply learned they become and the less conscious we become of them. This is wonderful, but can be damaging when learned patterns become detrimental for our health. The idea of somatic movement is to engage your nervous system in slow, focused and conscious movement that is aimed at releasing chronic muscle tension, recalibrating patterns and enabling more efficient movement.

Jivamukti Yoga With Cherryl Duncan
A 60 Minute Vinyasa Yoga practice that has its roots in Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga as well as Shivananda Yoga with Cherryl Duncan

Mandala Flow
Familiarise yourself to your surroundings with a challenging sequence that gets you moving in different directions.

Fantastic way to start the morning with preparations and a slow, strong flow.
30 minutes of energy booster practice.

Beginner Yoga Series with Tatiana
We are happy to offer a new Beginner Series for everyone who is new to yoga or who wants to better understand the body alignment in the postures and build a confident and safe practice.

We will offer a detailed explanation of the asanas which create a foundation of nearly every yoga practice. We will explain why the breath is so important in your practice and how combined with movement it can deepen your practice and help you gain more clarity and a sense of calm and peace.

Forrest Inspired Yoga
In my mixed-levels classes students will experience various breathing techniques, deep core work and inversions incorporated into a strong Forrest-inspired vinyasa flow. I always offer modifications for students and can help pre-natal and post-natal individuals adapt their practice, so they can continue to stay on their mat as their body changes.

Healthy Back, Happy Life

Join Dale for a 6 Week series aimed at dealing with your ‘Back Stuff’ in a creative, unusual yet effective way.

The sessions draw from Dale’s therapeutic knowledge in pain and movement science. Dale’s hope is that you leave with a healthy awareness of your lower back, to be able to identify moments that you ‘catastrophize’ and to release unnecessary unconscious tension in this part of the body.


Abslolute Beginners with Cherryl Duncan
A series of 30 minute Beginner Yoga practices with a specific focus for each video

Mindful Mornings
Changing the way you wake up in the morning, can transform any area of your life.

Start your day with Movement and Meditation and a short inspirational thought of the day to set you up for the most focused, productive and successful day possible (However you define success)

Mindful Journaling
This 30-minute session begins with a breathing exercise and meditation and then moves into specific questions that you write down for yourself in your journal.

Forest Bathing
Connect to nature to recharge your mind and body and reawaken your Spirit.

Spend 30 minutes working with a simple but powerful somatic and nature therapy technique called centering. Take your device outside and follow the guided instructions in this pre-recorded session.

Mindful Evening Meditation
Using a handful (pun intended) of effective hand mudras to bring about a profound change with our physical and mental health.

This 30 minutes practice is a perfect way to unwind and clear our mind after a busy day.

Healing the Stress We Embody
Phillip Cohen is a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. He brings a philosophical approach to his group sessions and works to alchemize stress and anxiety into a positive experience and orientation. Sessions are live and interactive.

Hypnosystemic Therapy
This session is based on combining the mental attitude of hypnosystemic therapy, where the focus is on a desired outcome and how to achieve it using the resources available to the individual, and Chinese medical and philosophical thinking, which shares a lot of commonalities with the former. The topics of the course are based on your wishes and will be discussed in a relaxed and interactive atmosphere.

Yoga Nidra
Yoga Nidra is a great Afternoon Coffee Or Sugary Snack substitute. Beat the Afternoon energy dip with 20 mins Of deep relaxation that will leave you Refreshed and focused for the last Stretch of the day. Recover from lack of sleep and overcome Tiredness with this restorative practice.

10 Week Self Mastery Program
A 10 week Video Series on Integrating Tools like Yoga, Meditation, Positive Thinking, Sleep, Play and Emotional Competence into your every day life.
This program is an invitation to experimenting with values such as making Sleep a priority in an effort to be clearer, make better decisions, and be happier. Each week one tool will be presented for you to try. At the end of the course, you decide which ones worked and which ones you want to keep in our life in a sustainable and effective way.

The Conscious Book Club
A series of Book Review Videos keeping you up to speed with the latest ideas in all things Conscious and Consciousness Related.

Live Q&A with The Conscious Lab Community
A Community Event in an effort to Connect with our community and give them an opportunity to speak directly with our coaches

Fireside Chats about the Candomblé
A live interview style session with Tilo Plöger, a modern-day alchemist in spiritual dimensions of physics, medicine and the old beliefs of healing traditions.

Learn about shamanism, alchemy, reiki and Candomblé in these webinar style Q and A discussions.