Phillip Cohen

I am  63 years old, therefore by all accounts, I should have been asleep
for 21 years of my life.

What a waste, right?

Malcolm Gladwell says it only takes 10 000 hours to master anything   (approximately 10 years)

Well, there you go. I could have become a grandmaster backgammon player and a topflight film director in that time, while still running a very busy clinical practice and bringing up a young family.  Please believe me, I did try very hard,  sleeping 4 to 5 hours a night and working "happily" for 3 to 4 hours every morning ,before going to my practice.

I produced a very mediocre film script and for a very short time, I made it to the top of the backgammon league in Cape Town and Cambridge beating the world No 3 in one fascinating match on the way.

Unfortunately, I got very sick and succumbed to an autoimmune disease (Graves disease ) where all the excess adrenaline and by-products floating around in my body started eating at my thyroid eventually destroying it with devastating long term consequences.

Healing myself became a priority and the result was all this research into why we sleep and building consciousness of the silent but devastating killer,  STRESS!!